When it comes to our Sportsbook, our aim is to provide an online betting site that will take you closer to the action. With the swish of the net, the cheer of the crowd and the ping of a racket, we intend to bring these amazing aspects of sport to life with you right in the middle.

Run by our in-house traders, Playbrands Group Sportsbook is a pioneer in intelligence; with our own unrivaled platform, around-the-clock customer support, the ability to bet via phone or online not to mention a wide variety of In-Game betting options available.
We offer the usual world-wide bets as well as numerous betting possibilities specific for the South American market. Our online product is completed by an ideal set of CRM, risk management and acquisition tools as well as local payment methods and processors.

Furthermore it’s not just betting odds we focus on either. We supply our customers with great insights and opinions from our sport columnists and experts.
Check out the for exclusive material and betting tips.

PLAYBONDS CASINO is our internet casino which over recent years has become well consolidated in Brazil and other South American markets. and our white label partners work with our own Online Gaming Platform, which is completely adapted to the needs of online and offline game operators. The portfolio of games consists of a balanced mix of games from the most known online casino game providers with successful and unique online bingo games developed by our in-house development team AGT.

We pride ourselves in offering a thrilling, dependable and reliable service. With our advanced gaming software and online gaming expertise, we are able to provide with some of the very best interactive gaming experiences available! has its own affiliate system as well as local 24/7 help desk and customer support team. With a unique, direct client approach and support of our team backed up by our dynamic system of promotions, we offer a unique player experience tailor-made for our South American clients.


The Brazilian players are famous for their love of bingo. There were numerous well equipped bingo parlors where hundreds of women and men were playing the well known life game. These bingo halls, some of them comparable with high class international casino’s, had also tenths or hundreds of slot machines. However, the majority of these machines were offering Video Bingo games. Over the years a specific video bingo culture has been created by mostly Brazilian game developers.
This typical Brazilian Video Bingo game has been exported and became successful in some other markets, mainly in Latin America and also in Spain.
The Playbrands group has many years of Video Bingo experience in our development team. Over the years an impressive section of successful video bingo games has been created. The popularity and importance of this type of games is shown by the fact the main source of income fro and our white label partners is, even alongside video slots and sportsbook offered via well known international suppliers, still created by Video Bingo.